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Accidentally changed file name, now I can't reference it again

Question asked by Jacob Murray on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Phaneendra Maylavaram

So I tried to rename my file using right click in Windows Explorer and selecting Solidworks - Rename. However I accidentally deleted the period in the name, so instead of "Vat 200SS left.SLDPRT" it became "Vat 200SS leftSLDPRT". I then wasn't able to rename it using in Windows Explorer through Solidworks as it didn't recognise it as a Solidworks file.


When I opened one of the assemblies that is was a part of, it opened fine. But I am unable to rename it in the feature tree. When I try to add a period in the name using the feature tree I get the error "You cannot rename the component. No model is loaded in memory".


Does anyone know how I can fix this?