Kenneth Barrentine

SPR Issued in 2006 SP5 in Now Fixed

Discussion created by Kenneth Barrentine on Dec 4, 2007


Dear Kenneth,

The following issues have been addressed in 2008 SP01 which is currently available for download from our website.

Thank You,
SolidWorks Technical Support

SR# -- 1-333715164

SPR# -- Description


331331 - Inconsistency in displaying Latest rev and status while user with RO access is changing the lifecycle status.

Let's see ... it only took from 10/30/2006 to 11/27/2007.

Unfortunately I couldn't wait 13 months for you to fix this along with my other 18 or so issues I submitted back in May 2006.

I've sinced moved on to DBWorks.
Thanks anyway, I'm sure someone will be happy.