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After reset to factory setup I lost color of dimensions in my drawings

Question asked by Gregory Kielczewski on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Gregory Kielczewski

I clicked something accidentally and I lost my entire workspace and setup.  I decided to reset entire SoildWorks to factory setup (workspace and system options).  As a result of this action I lost color of dimensions in my drawings.  When SW is opening a drawing it flashes green dimension for a fraction of a second and turns them
black.  Toggling the “Display Mode” doesn’t help because SW moves dimensions from “dim” layer to “Format” layer.  The drawings I am opening still maintain the
setup of my customized template.  In “Document roperties” all types of dimensions are shown on the “dim” (green) layer.  I tried to make a simple test part and made
the corresponding drawing.  I noticed hat unless I switch layers to “dim” the dimension manager generates black imensions.  Before the accident, the etup in “Document Properties” was sufficient to generate dimensions on the ”dim” ayer.  Please help!!!