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    Andreas Olofsson

      I'm trying to render out images to be printed.

      The print resolution in the output tools popup is set to 300 by default, which is what I want it to be. However once the image has been completed and I check its dpi it's 96. No matter what I set the print resolution to it always comes out as 96.

      What am I doing wrong?

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Andreas ,


          I believe Visualize accounts for 300 ppi/dpi by increasing resolution so I would tell it the print dimensions you want and then specify your ppi/dpi. it should scale up the resolution so when printed you will achieve the 300 dpi you are looking for.

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            Rob Rodríguez

            Are you saving out jpg images?  You can't trust the dpi number in PS for jpg images.  You have to look at the pixel count.

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              Andreas Olofsson

              Thanks for the replies, guys.


              I don't quite understand.

              I've tried setting the print size to different dimensions which updates the resolution accordingly. Still gives me images with 96 dpi.

              I'm most likely misunderstanding something as I'm new to rendering for print.

              "Print resolution" is dpi, or? All I know is that my colleague who is going to send my renders to be printed told me that 96 was too low.


              I usually output my renders as .tif but I tried using the same settings listed below for all of the different output formats. The results were:

              JPG - 96 dpi

              PNG - 96 dpi

              BMP - 96 dpi

              TIF - 96 dpi

              HDR - 72 dpi

              PSD - 72 dpi

              Had a final go by doubling the print size so that it's 20x20 inches. Still getting the same dpi.

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                  Bill Toft

                  As a test, I opened one of my 300dpi  rendered images using Irfanview (freeware).

                  When I click on Info, I got this dialog box and it shows 96x96 dpi as the default. But the print size is too large.

                  Because I could edit the dpi, I typed in 300x300 and clicked Change. The print size went back to what I had set up in Visualize.

                  I then saved the file.

                  When I re-opened it, the dpi had stayed at 300.


                  So, as an enhancement, can Visualize be set up to automatically do what I did manually with IrfanView?

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                    Scott Ellery

                    Hi Andreas ,


                    I will try and explain it better ,


                    instead of adding pixels to the same resolution (i.e changing from 96 pixels per inch (dpi) to 300 pixels per inch (dpi) , visualize makes the resolution large.


                    so if you wanted to print say an 8.5" x 11" print out at 300 dpi. when you do the render in visualize you would :


                    make sure your camera aspect ratio is correct (11:8.5)

                    under the render tab set 300 Pixels/in and set your print size to 11 x 8.5


                    this will give you a resolution of 3300 x 2550 which will render out in 96 dpi but when scaled down for printing will result in a pixel density of 300 ppi (dpi)


                    when you look at the actual pixel density in windows or photoshop it will say that is 96 but if it were truly only 96 ppi then the resolution would be 1056 x 816.


                    hope this helps

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                    Bastian Krueckeberg

                    Hi all,


                    for convenience, Visualize will now write the DPI resolution that a user enters into the Output Tools dialog into the exported image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF) . That way, it could directly be printed out to the Print Size that this dialog states.


                    This will be released with Visualize 2016 SP1 end of July!