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Modeling Platonic Solids

Discussion created by William Radigan on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Todd Blacksher

I've seen several examples of modeling Platonic Solids in SOLIDWORKS, most notably in a few of Phil Sluder's excellent SWW presentations, but I've never seen a complete set before.  I was also interested in creating a data set that would be useful for mathematical instruction and introducing (young?) people to the beauty of math and geometry.  With that in mind, the models are available as STL files for 3D printing as well as PDF drawings of flat patterns that can be cut and folded.


I'd appreciate feedback from this community on the SLDPRT models, particularly ways to make them more universal, robust, and simple.  Creating these models was more challenging than I expected in a few places and ways around these less-than-elegant solutions would be greatly appreciated.


All of the files can be found on this blog post: Platonic Solids in SOLIDWORKS - Radigan Engineering


The Numberphile video that inspired me to get moving on this project can be viewed here.

Perfect Shapes in Higher Dimensions - Numberphile - YouTube