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Why aren't locating dimensions showing up when I insert a library feature?

Question asked by Tim Lewis on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

I have created a library feature consisting of a combination of hole features (created with the hole wizard) that result in two holes being inserted into the part.  These holes are located with the sketch shown here:




I would like to edit the location of the library feature after it has been inserted by changing the dimensions that locate the holes in the library feature.  However, when I edit the library feature when it's inserted into a model, I see this:




As you can see, the dimensions shown in the first image in this post aren't available for editing as "Locating Dimensions".  They do show up in the "Size Dimensions" section (see image above on the right), but I would rather preserve the link to the library feature.  Since the dimensions are internal to the sketch that defines the hole feature in the library feature, I thought that maybe the problem was that I needed to have the hole feature located based on an external sketch that also got included as part of the library feature.  However, when I attempted to recreate the library feature with the an external sketch locating the hole feature included, I couldn't get it to include the sketch as part of the feature, and as a result, the dimensions were not included in the feature.


The ultimate question I'm asking is how do I get a dimension to show up in the "Locating Dimensions" section?