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Major Graphics issues on my work laptop at home.

Question asked by Clint Stahl on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Christopher Anderson

I am having some issues where every mouse click in Solidworks at home, on the same laptop I use at work, creates a duplicate window inside the modelling window. I tried switching from VGA to HDMI through a thunderbolt adapter which resulted in my screen working perfectly and the laptop screen doing the haywire thing. Then in a couple minutes it'll switch where the big screen goes crazy. I use this laptop at work where I place it on a dock and have absolutely no issues with anything as far as graphics or performance is concerned, which I believe should rule out any driver problems.


My work unit consists of a dock with 2 monitors including one hooked into HDMI and one hooked into VGA, and no problems on either one.


Any help would be appreciated because it isn't very pleasant, the attached screen-shot kind of explains what's happening better than I can.


Lenovo W541

Windows 10 PRO

16 GIG Ram


Graphics Issue.png