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Composer Technical illustration Detail View

Question asked by Paulius Lukauskas on May 11, 2016
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I been learning working with Composer (2014 version) and I got a problem regarding Authors display in Technical illustration detail view.

When I am trying to create vector detail view for my assembly, it creates detailed view of model but doesn't display Author. So far I tried using normal 2D text and dimension Authors and both times they weren't copied into detail view. Sometimes I manage to somehow make it show up, but most of the time I have problem with it.

I tried switching off and on again detail view, reopen Composer but it still happens.

My question would be, is there a setting or a way to control this feature so it displays Authors in vectored detail view whenever I want to?

So far it seemed to happen only in Technical illustration detail view.

If I create normal (not detail) Technical illustration, Author is being displayed just fine.