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Drag attention to Design Binder

Question asked by Thomas Voetmann on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

From time to time I make some long-lasting components that need to be modified and extended with new configuration by my co-workers (or by myself) after a long time.

Often it is quite complicated to see/remember the design intent after a long time, so I like to put one or more describing documents in the Design Binder.


The problem is nobody is really looking there - including my self. With the consequence that the model is mishandled, relations deleted, new redundant dimensions added and you name it. And after that it is REALY difficult to make new configurations/modifications.


I tried many ways to attract attention to the Design Binder:

  • Note in the graphics area. (people just hide annotations)
  • Make comments in the feature tree.
  • Rename the folder to something eye-catching. (Maybe I did not make it eye-catching enough)
  • Write something in properties.


But whatever I have tried people either delete/hide my effort because it is disturbing for their work or do not catch any information from it.


Any input or is it just me having this issue?