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edrawings venting- mostly re: comments

Question asked by Kevin Dahlquist on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Stig Falck Hansen

So in the past I've done a little arm twisting to get vendors or clients to use edrawings so that we can (theoretically) communicate more effectively remotely, and I certainly appreciate the premise of having a tool that empowers users who are unfamiliar with CAD to interface easily with 3d models.  The smartphone aps are especially neat and typically perform better than I'd expect to see on a phone OS.  Also the 3d QR code virtual environment is a neat party trick even if not all that practical for day to day use.


Having said that, here are some big problems with edrawings that I wish somebody could have focused on instead of adding features that don't get used and only serve to complicate the interface and crash systems:


1.  FONTS!- Easily the biggest and most obvious shortcoming of edrawings.  Isn't the whole purpose of edrawings to communicate effectively?   Why is it necessary to rescale comment fonts painfully and manually in the most unintuitive possible way just so that they fit on the screen or are readable?   This is the #1 reason I end up just taking screen shots and writing my comments on slides in photoshop- the text size is consistent and readable.  Isn't edrawings supposed to be an improvement over that primitive approach?   I can't believe this glaring interface shortcoming still exists here in 2016.


2. The latest version of edrawings seems to have a bug that won't let me rename comments.  Sure, there's a deceptively simple "rename" tab that pops up when you click a comment, but actually clicking it reveals that the whole idea appears to be just a ruse put there to infuriate people.  You can go the 'properties' route, but changing that name doesn't effect the comment title.   Thus all comments are creatively named "comment 1, comment 2, etc.."


I'm actually going to stop the list here- there are some other details that are less problematic, but I don't want to distract from firstly fixing the most obvious of problems in edrawings.  I'd love to have an EFFECTIVE, simple but high tech way to communicate with my clients (some of whom I've never met in person, and are using their AOL email to write me).  Let's keep it simple, and get back to basics to a minimum point where edrawings proves itself better than screen shots, and is reliable. 


One last "comments" request/question- I don't often use edrawings on my phone, but it seems that ability to comment is eliminated entirely in that version.  Is that correct or am I missing something?


Anyway, it would be great if someone could point out that I'VE completely missed some obvious configuration detail here- I really would love to use edrawings more instead of being embarrassed that I convinced my client/vendor to install it only to be forced to return to screen shots and text overlays.