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Removing sheet metal radius

Question asked by Amy Kozlow on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Amy Kozlow

I am trying to draw something in solidworks that will be saved as a .dxf and used in Vcarve which is a CNC routing program. The item I'm trying to draw will be made out of sheet metal. But the vcarve program doesn't want any bend radius or curvey lines. I've made a rectangle peice of sheet metal and added a miter flange to the edge in the shape of a 7 (pretty much) but I can't make the bend radius 0.


So I want the edges to look like the left sketch but anything I do in sheet metal always rounds the corners like the sketch on the right

I'm trying to make a tray like this, but the Vcarve program HATES the automatic curvey parts when the metal bends. I know in real life sheet metal does have a bend but the program rejects it.

Any suggestions?


Thank you so so much in advance!