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Is it just me, or 2016 a bust?

Question asked by Jason Lackey on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Mathew Stevenson

I just upgraded from 2012 t0 2016 and am experiencing nothing but issues.  It is taking far longer to do nominal tasks, it does not function properly, and it crashes constantly when performing the most basic of functions, like exiting a sketch.  What the heck is going on?!!  One weird quirk that I've never experienced with 2012 was selecting two hole faces always assumed concentric mates, and if the hole spacing was different, it gave a an error.  Now, instead of an error, it just changes to a parallel mate without any warning.  I don't think I've ever done a parallel mate between holes.  Is there a setting for this?  After attending SolidWorks well I was stoked to get my hands on 2016.  Now? I am seriously considering going back.  New feature are cool and all, but I need the root software to work!  Trying to move towards MBD has been a PIA.  Pretty much zero useful documentation on setting it up.  The 10 videos about it are no help as they are mostly about using the DimXpert which I was already doing in preparation for MBD.  The 3D PDF output is barely useable as the text in the feature control frames is all jacked up and dimensions set to other views are showing up in the 3d views.  Sketch dims are showing up on the 3d PDF.  I am at my wits end!!  Sorry guys, had to rant about this because I am not happy with the performance of 2016 as of yet.  Maybe I am overlooking something, but I've bee using 2012 since 2012, and for all its quirks, I have had far less issues on a day to day basis than the last three weeks of using 2016.


J Lackey