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why does WPDM tell me my local file is older than PDM version, when it's not?

Question asked by Tom Mathieson on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by Bryan Obermeyer

so,  i went to check in an assembly this morning to WPDM, and it comes up and tells me during the query that a bunch of my components are older then the vault version.  but they aren't.  they are the very same files i checked in last month !! i work on a standalone system, i am the only person that has access to this computer, and the only person with access to the vault, which is also installed on this  computer.  so i checked in this assembly a month ago, made some revisions last week to some components, then when i go to uprev it tells me some of the non-modified parts are older than the vault versions..


i do not understand how this can be.  the parts, and drawings, are the same files in the same directory that were checked in a month ago. the local files have not be deleted, restored or replaced since i checked them in, so how can they be older?


anyone else experienced this or have some words of advice?  i have opened an incident report with my VAR but wnated to see what advice i might gt in here..


i am running SW2016, SP2.0, and WPDM sp2.0, build 050


thanks in advance ...