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    Parameters for CreateLoftSurface

    Johannes Kronberger

      We have a set of contour curves which we want to loft to create a surface.

      Additionally we defined some guide curves which connects the contour curves.

      For lofting the curves we use the following function:


      var surf = (ISurface)Modeler.CreateLoftSurface

          (CurveArray: contourCurves

          , BBlendClosed: false

          , BForceCubic: true

          , GuideCrvArray: guideCurves

          , StartMatchingType: 0

          , EndMatchingType: 0

          , NormalAtStartSection: Vector3.UnitZ.ToSWVector(MathUtility)

          , NormalAtEndSection: Vector3.UnitZ.ToSWVector(MathUtility)

          , StartMatchingFaceList: new IFace2[0]

          , EndMatchingFaceList: new IFace2[0]

          , DegeneratedStart: false

          , DegeneratedEnd: false

          , StartPointOfStartSection: startPointOfStartSection

          , StartPointOfEndSection: startPointOfEndSection

          , SectionIndexStart: 0

          , SectionIndexEnd: sectionIndexEnd

          , GuideIndexStart: 0

          , GuideIndexEnd: guideIndexEnd);


      This creates a surface, however it seems to ignore the guide curves (it doesnt follow the guide curves).

      Can anybody give me an explanation of how to use CreateLoftSurface respectively the parameters for CreateLoftSurface?