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    move component in assembly (robotic)

    Simon Fritz



      ia have problems by using this code (2015 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Rotate Assembly Component on Axis Using IDragOperator::Drag Example (C#) ) for moving components in an assembly.


      The component moves, but it jumps directly back to the initial position after moving. Its an 6 axis Robot and id like to move the tool center point by using translations and rotations.


      Does any one knows what the problem could be?



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          Simon Fritz

          Ok i found a solution here (Have difficulty understanding math transform. ),

          the problem was that the i use "min-max-mates" for each joint of the robot. So when i supress the mates i can modify the transforms. After unsupressing the mates the assembly jumps back to initial position.


          to solve that problem i just "fix" the ToolCenterPoint of the Robot first, unsupress, and then delete the "fixture" so the mates change there values while unsupressing. Thats how it works =)


          Hope ill find the "fixture" attribute for the api... just tried it manually in Solidworks. Ill post the code when it works