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    Problem with mixed mesh (beam/solid/shell)

    config test


      I have this structure which I have applied loads and constraints, however I have problem with running simulation to get deflection results. The FEA model consists of beams, shells and solids. I have problems with bonding mixed meshes (beams, solids, shells), running the FEA results in error, complaining about instability of the solution. To troubleshoot, As suggested by a training video, I have used the soft spring option, and there are no moving parts, but still the analysis doesn’t run without that option. 

      Please see the attachment and help.


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          Keith Frankie

          Of the 4 'fixed' tabs, the two at the front are not bonded correctly to the beams.  It looks like contact set 138 and 148 were done 'two at once' attempting to bond both side tabs at once to the rail, and this isn't working for some reason.


          To diagnose this I ran the simulation as provided.  I then animated the displacement plot.  The frame can be seen moving relative to the two fixed 'feet'.


          Remove the front plates from their contact sets and add new ones between them and the rails.  Everything looks good when the study is re-run without soft springs.