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Need help with a macro the duplicates the 'file'...'save all' tasks.

Question asked by Alfred Jelinek on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

I have a large macro I am creating which has a main assembly and three subassemblies in it. In each subassembly parts are inserted, mated, smart components are activated... and when complete the main assembly window shows the completed correct assemblies and subs plus parts.... but when I hit save on the top ribbon after then go to the main assembly and reopen from scratch... the subs and all the parts... which are referenced to a design library  location are missing.


I found that if I go to Solidworks 2016 'file' then 'save all' it takes awhile to save... when i close Solidworks then reopen the main assembly ... all files are saved.... referenced to the proper library location. I would like to add this code to the end of my macro.


I would think this would have been easy but can't find the info any where.

My issue is when I try to record the ....file-->save all... in a macro... it... the macro is empty....ahhhhhh...clumps of hair now in hand.


Would someone please help with a macro to simply recreate the....." File---> Save All" action?


I have also tried a keyboard shortcut to record it and that does not work either.


Thank you for your time!

Al Jelinek

Kewaskum, WI