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Linking custom properties from assembly to drawing - not note linking

Question asked by A. D. on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by A. D.

Hello all,

I'm creating a parametric model, which can contain various inputs, and therefore have a question.


I've created/adapted a macro to fit my suits, but it has one 1 problem. To cut the story short, the macro uses the known sheet size, and divides it by the value of a custom property (called "MaxSize" ) , which equals the max size of the part/assembly. For example, a long thin shaft with a length of 800mm, will have a custom property in the drawing file, containing a value of 800mm.


Well, this all works like a charm, but with one great disadvantage; The custom property "MaxSize" doesn't automatically update when i adjust the (for example) length of the shaft. This generates the following question: "How can i possibly 'link' a custom property from a .slddrw to the custom property of a .sldasm (or eventually .sldprt)?


I'm aware of doing this with notes in a drawing, but that's not good enough for me, as i need to be able to handle the value/data in the macro running on the .slddrw file...


At last, i'd rather not use any external software like #TASK.


Thanks in advance,

Best regards,