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C# Api How to begin to draw

Question asked by Marcelo Arguello on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Ivana Kolin

Hi I am new in the SW Api ambient.

I need to create a loftbody from an array of styles splines curves(Bezier curves) that generate with airfoil math.


But i am lost in the api structure.

Starting reading the Api help: Using the SOLIDWORKS C# Add-in Template to Create a Visual C# .NET Add-in


I install the CSharp(SwCSharpAddin1) template an compile it,

but when press F5, the SW start but nothing happend,

the template perform any sample task?, how to run it?.


Another thing in wich file put my code to perform the loft task?

All the file are needed if I only want to run this snippet:

Wich steps must to do to run the refered sample code


How create an array of styles splines  to feed

CreateLoftBody2 function ?



I am a begginer so be patience with my questions.