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    Equation Spur Gears

    Ratiba Bouksani



      I want to do the conception of precise Spur Gears to manufacture.

      Does someone have the equation for the curve so I can use to sketch the teeth.

      This is the Gear I want to do precisely.

      I use SW 2016


      Thank you for your help

        • Re: Equation Spur Gears
          Robert Conklin

          What you have posted is a Solidworks tool box Gear.  Not very good... in fact BAD.

          (Only good for a graphical representation of the Real Thing)

          Tool Box gear = GREEN

          True Involute Tooth Form = RED

          SW ToolBox Spur Gear VS a True Involute Tooth Form - ISO Views.JPG


          SW ToolBox Spur Gear VS a True Involute Tooth Form.JPG


          Attached here is, what I will call, the "Robust  Involute Spur Gear Generator - Better 02.SLDPRT"  The RED gear

          using this file and only changing a few of the equations values yields a gear that is very close to the one you posted from the tool box.

          You posted a 16 tooth, 20 deg pressure angle gear.  It has a pitch diameter of 24mm thus a Diametral Pitch of .6666 (No Teeth/Pitch Dia)

          This will give you a true equation driven involute tooth form.