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    Chris Clouser

      There appears to be some confusion as to how the forum works.  I am not a moderator, but some of this is pretty simple.  Yet, some of you don't quite get it.


      There are rules and regulations for the forum.  The moderators will delete or request an edit of a post if it, in their opinion, violates the forum's policies.


      I have personally tested this concept on many occasions and it works!  I've had many posts deleted!  So, YES, the system works!


      NOW, here's the issue.  If you don't like what someone has posted, you need to:


      1.  Alert the moderators.  This is done with the "Actions" tab under each post.  Click on "Report Abuse".

      2.  Ignore it and move on with your life.  Move on to another post and maybe you can help somebody with a problem.


      YOU ARE NOT THE MODERATOR!  This is "OUR" forum, not "YOUR" forum.


      You don't need to complain about other people's complaining.  That just makes you a hypocrite.  In that case, start your own forum and moderate it yourself.


      If someone feels it necessary to log onto the forum and take the time to voice a complaint, you complaining about it isn't going to help one bit.


      Many of the complaints I'm seeing here on the forums are by the more seasoned users who have been around the block a few times.  These are the people that are going to help the product continue to evolve in a positive light.  In fact, without negative feedback, the product would deteriorate.  That's a scientific fact, so don't argue with science.


      If you are not providing negative feedback, by way of the forum, SPR's, Enhancement Requests, Bug Reports etc, you are not helping at all.  We don't need you or your opinion.


      All of these actions are NEGATIVE.  They are basically "nice" complaints.  You are telling SolidWorks that you believe that something isn't right or could be better.  And the people that do this on a regular basis are HEROES in my book.


      This is a natural process governed by control system theory.  No system can be stable without negative feedback.  Why the Electrical Engineers know this but the Mechanical Engineers don't is beyond me.  It's pretty sad to tell you the truth.


      "Because negative feedback produces stable circuit responses, improves stability and increases the operating bandwidth of a given system, the majority of all control and feedback systems is degenerative reducing the effects of the gain.http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/systems/feedback-systems.html


      So, in conclusion, don't get your feelings hurt on behalf of SolidWorks when someone vents here on the forums or has an issue with SolidWorks that doesn't seem to bother you.  It's HEALTHY!  And don't try to put the moderators out of a job.  Trust me, they're on it and they've got it under control.

          Steve Calvert

          So, went to look for myself...(see below)  I don't see where complaining is listed.  The "forum" IS for us users to ask questions, share ideas, ETC. but complaining itself, to the point that one changes his/her profile pic, isn't really what this is for.  The "forum" isn't run by us, it was created by SW employees so they could talk to the users on a day-to-day basis.


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            Chris Saller

            Chris, Thank you!

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              Andy Sanders

              This sounds like a moderator post.


              Negative feedback and criticism of Solidworks indeed works.  But there's a limit to how much the "audience" will tolerate said criticism. When the point is made again and again (and again and again) it starts to become something else.  Noise.


              I've also seen posts that fly past negative/constructive criticism and devolve into attitude, insults, name calling and finger-pointing when said criticism meets counter-criticism and disagreement.  That is just rude and totally not what 99% of users want to see.  No I will not provide examples.  It almost makes me want to abandon these forums if it weren't for the frequent POSITIVE information I DO get.


              The moderators do a good job all by themselves.

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                  Chris Clouser

                  I'm not sure if you're confirming or contradicting my post.


                  What I was generally trying to say is that some people here are acting as de facto moderators.  For instance, some people are tired of hearing about the interface, so they post to complain about the complaining!!??  I'm pretty sure this isn't helping, basically telling people that their grievances are unwarranted.


                  I was hopefully reminding these people that, as you mention, the moderators do exist and will keep posts in line and secondly, nobody has to read any forum topics that they don't like.  In fact, I skip many myself.


                  But as far as the "audience" being the unofficial moderator, I don't think so.  In fact, I haven't seen anything where there is a legitimate consensus to silence a "complaint" or topic.  Back to the interface discussion for example, which may be the most controversial for the moment, there are only a few individuals getting their feelings hurt over the topic and calling for censorship.  Most of the rest of the posters on said topic seem to have a general agreement.


                  In fact, these forums are very easy to navigate and avoid any negative information, if that's your goal.  Just avoid any threads that are more than one page.  But I think if you think about it long enough, you will realize that the negative information on the forum is by FAR the most valuable.  For instance, my thread warning about installing 2016 is up to 34 pages!!  Please read the control system theory link I gave above if you are still uncomfortable with negative feedback.  And if that's too much, just go on Amazon and read some product reviews.  I was looking for another welder lately and all the positive reviews were written by absolute morons, whereas I could tell the negative reviews were written by legit welders and they helped save me some $$$ that I might have wasted on junk.



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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Chris - Don't forget this link


                  Frequently Asked Forum Questions


                  and this one,


                  Forum Posting