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Unsupressing Mates on Suppressed Parts

Question asked by Mark Ellis on May 6, 2016
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I am using Solidworks 2016 and have an assembly which is set up with different configurations to show different parts of the assembly at various stages. I know I can use display states but I am using configurations with a BOM in mind. The issue that I am running into is when I suppress a part it also suppresses it's mates, but I need that suppressed part to remain mated in place because I have other parts, which aren't suppressed, mated to it. I have tried various methods to suppress a part while keeping it's mates unsuppressed but have had no luck. Hiding isn't an option because I don't want the suppressed/hidden parts to show up on my BOM for that particular configuration. Is this something that Solidworks can handle and I am missing it? Thanks!