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Slow standalone application performance

Question asked by Vlad Shevchenko on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Filipe Venceslau

Hi everyone!


I wrote simple add-in which collect information about geometry meshes and stores it into new file. In general it works quickly. It takes few seconds to convert simple model to my file format. Now I am trying to write standalone application which will connect to SolidWorks, load model and call my add-in. There were no problems with that, but when I do it via standalone application, performance of my add-in fell down. I made couple of test with simple models with SolidWorks in manual mode and as a rule it took me 20 seconds. The same models via standalone application took more then 5-10 minutes.

I noticed that when i launch SolidWorks via standalone application and then launch my add-in, it will be launched in background mode (I will be able to rotate model and build new geometry). But when I launch my add-in from SolidWorks (manually press button) the UI stop response until my add-in will not finished converting. Maybe there are exists some switches for such case as my. I do not need to use SolidWorks UI and i set swApp.Visible = false but it doesn't increase performance. Have you any ideas?


Have a nice day.