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Simulation - Submodeling beams

Question asked by Daniel Verzijl on May 5, 2016



I have been exploring the wonderful world of FEA for a few weeks now and have stumbled upon a video in the process.

SolidWorks World 2013 - Submodeling in SolidWorks Simulation - YouTube

In the video above (the part from 23:30 about submodeling with beams) they start with a simple weldment construction which is calculated with the beam feature.

After the initial simulation they want to narrow down to a certain part of the construction where they want to investigate the stresses a bit further.

For this they use the submodeling feature which I've used a couple of times for just Solids.

I understand that in this video they use beam profiles to increase the speed of the initial simulation and to get mainly the displacements in the construction.

The whole process and what they explain all sounds logical and it would help me to be able to duplicate this result for my own work (mostly large weldments)


I get the point that by using beams you will get an good displacement plot and that the stresses are calculated less accurately. Afterwards you replace the geometry (on critical points) in the submodel by solids to get more accurate stress plots.


I have tried to duplicate the steps in the video as much as possible but I got stuck.


An explanation of my steps:

Drew a 3D sketch and added the weldment profiles.

Made an initial study wherein I have treated some of the beams as solids (like in the video)

Created a submodel by transfering the solids.

In the derived configuration (automatically created when starting a submodel) I have drawn the new weldments by extrude bosses.

After updating all components in the submodel it shows that all bodies are treated as solids (which I want)

The submodel meshes alright.

However after I start to run the study it tells me:

No loads or prescribed displacements are defined


What am I doing wrong?

Could anyone point me in the right direction, or give me some model wherein it was successfully done so I could study the steps for myself?


I drew the model in SolidWorks 2016 SP0, I have the Simulation Premium license.

The part and simulation files I will add to this post hopefully. (7,86MB)


Looking forwards to any replies to help resolve this matter for me.


Best regards,