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Convert PDF task - missing revision in file name

Question asked by Donald Grunloh on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Robert Pickeral

Using Solidworks 2014 & EPDM 2014

Performing the convert to PDF task to generate PDF with the drawing revision in the file name.  Unfortunately only some of the PDF's will display the revision and others will not.  I believe I have narrowed the problem down to that the task looks at the "local revision" variable for the information and not the "revision" variable I am using in my workflow. 

This creates the problem if I increment the rev of a part and check it in the local revision variable has a value, but if I check the file out and check it back in again increment the version of the file the local revision level is lost. Any PDF created after the 2nd check-in will not display a revision in the file name.


Has anyone found a workaround for this issue?  Is it possible to point the convert task to look at another variable other than "local revision"?