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Automating Assembly Creation using design tables

Question asked by Haridas Attur on May 5, 2016

Hello ,

I have an assembly of around lets say 12 parts. Each parts has its own design table where I control the dimensions , state etc... The design table resides in an excel sheet with the rest of the parts. I have linked the part to the excel sheet design table. I am planning to make a master excel sheet which will be responsible for changing the dimensions in the design tables of each of the 12 parts. This will be done through a macro. This way I can quickly make a new assembly with the appropriate dimensions by entering into one excel sheet.

Is this the best way about doing this? ( i.e. looking to create a new assembly from a template. Of course I would like to change dimensions of the parts)


Now after I have changes to my assembly template, I use pack and go ( adding prefix/suffix) to create a new set of parts from the template. It unfortunately does not copy the excel sheet design table. It is always linked to the original design table. Now I have to go to each one of the parts and delete the design table manually- which is a pain, especially when you have a lot of parts/assemblies.


Couple of more questions:

Can I copy the design tables excel sheet when I pack and go the assembly? If yes, how?

How do I unlink the design tables automatically for the 12 parts and the assemblies after I have made a new copy from the base template.


Thanks in advance!