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Is anyone else experiencing an issue where freshly created Assembly Drawins are corrupting after they've been opened several times?

Question asked by Kevin Nichols on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Dan Taitt

For the last month I have had issues with Large Assembly drawings self-corrupting after opening them one or more times. Generally everything appears to be opening/loading as it normally would and suddenly I receive a general error "SolidWorks has encountered an error opening the document. Please contact your VAR..." and then everything within the active View Window in SolidWorks is inactive or blank and I'm forced to shut SolidWorks down. I'm at my wits ends and I've spent several days attempting workarounds with the help of my VAR and have no luck at solving the issue, so I've got to ask is anyone else experiencing this same or a similar issue and if so have you found a solution?


What's even more strange is my company ordered 4 new Workstations (HP Z440 Desktops with Intel Xeon 3.5 Ghz chipset, Nvidia Quadro K2200 Video Card, 16 GB RAM, on a Win 7 professional 64 bit OS) and we are all using SolidWorks 2016 SP 3.0 but I'm the only one experiencing the issue.


To attempt to solve the issue I've:

- rolled back my Workstation to its start date using Windows Restore Point tools.

- repaired and reinstalled SolidWorks 2016 then stepped through the Service Packs to see if they might be causing the issue.

- ran SolidWorks RX tools to ensure everything on my Workstation is performing as it should be.

- updated my NVidia K2200 driver.

- dumbed down the HLV/HLR Display settings in my SolidWorks options as well in all of the Templates I use for the Drawings.

- ensured that the lightweight Assembly preferences are utilized while opening any large Assembly Drawings.

- archived the updated Template / Sheet Formats for older files to see if this would have an effect.


After trying all of these methods to fix the issue it's still hit or miss, somedays I don't appear to have the problem and other days I get nothing accomplished at all. If anyone has any insight and can help I would really appreciate it.