Brian Hughes

Export Flat Pattern to DXF/DWG

Discussion created by Brian Hughes on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2009 by Alessandro Frattini
In SolidWorks 2008 the ability to export directly to DXF/DWG from a sheetmetal part seems to have one of those sometimes functionalities.

I did a quick scan through the sheet metal forum and found no mention of this feature which is accessible via a Right-Click on the Flat-Pattern feature in a sheet metal part.

The customer that identified this sometimes issue typically makes one side of a part and needs to make a mirror as well as create DXFs of each. Most of the time it's a quick matter of selecting a plane or face and doing an Insert, Mirror Part..., Insert Bends on the new part and exporting the Flat-Pattern via a Right-Click and Export...

However, often the export fails to export a flat pattern and just exports a Front view to DXF instead. Has anyone come across this? Found a work around for the ones that don't work?

Some times it's a matter of activating the Flat-Pattern and exporting, sometimes even that doesn't help. CTRL-Q, CTRL-B also have no effect. :-(

It's really odd.