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Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.

Question asked by Kyle Koehler on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on May 30, 2008 by Wim Van Der Velden
Is anyone else having this problem... it is very difficult to replicate for tech support.

After I have been working with an assembly and opening parts from within the assembly. If I open about 5 or 6 parts and leave them open (switching back and forth to the assembly and the open part windows)... invariably the list of open documents gets mixed up. Meaning...

When I pull down the "Window" pull down menu and mouse down to the list of open documents. The names of the open documents is there.... when I mouse over the names (i.e. bushing, die section, tool assembly, top plate), the new little 2008 pictures pop up to the right hand area showing the correct thumbnail. BUT when I select one of the open parts the window switches to the wrong opened part!!!!!

From that point on it is totally lost and whatever open parts there are... going to any of them brings up the wrong opened part. The only thing that works correctly at that point is the "Browse Open Documents" menu selection.

Eventually I just close down solidworks and open it back up until the problem occurs again.

Anyone else seen this?

I am toying with the idea that it happens when you get more than 4-5 parts open from the assembly you are working on... or opening the parts from within a drawing by clicking on parts from within the drawing and doing a rightclick "Open Part"

Can't get it to do it using a repeatable sequence but can get it to do it by opening and many parts and going from one to the other until it finally gets mixed up.