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    Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.

    Kyle Koehler
      Is anyone else having this problem... it is very difficult to replicate for tech support.

      After I have been working with an assembly and opening parts from within the assembly. If I open about 5 or 6 parts and leave them open (switching back and forth to the assembly and the open part windows)... invariably the list of open documents gets mixed up. Meaning...

      When I pull down the "Window" pull down menu and mouse down to the list of open documents. The names of the open documents is there.... when I mouse over the names (i.e. bushing, die section, tool assembly, top plate), the new little 2008 pictures pop up to the right hand area showing the correct thumbnail. BUT when I select one of the open parts the window switches to the wrong opened part!!!!!

      From that point on it is totally lost and whatever open parts there are... going to any of them brings up the wrong opened part. The only thing that works correctly at that point is the "Browse Open Documents" menu selection.

      Eventually I just close down solidworks and open it back up until the problem occurs again.

      Anyone else seen this?

      I am toying with the idea that it happens when you get more than 4-5 parts open from the assembly you are working on... or opening the parts from within a drawing by clicking on parts from within the drawing and doing a rightclick "Open Part"

      Can't get it to do it using a repeatable sequence but can get it to do it by opening and many parts and going from one to the other until it finally gets mixed up.

        • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
          Wayne Tiffany
          I have seen this action in SW2007 in that once you have more files open than what will fit in the window, thereby requiring the "More files" or whatever, then you don't get the correct files.
          • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
            John Nemeth
            This has been an old problem and a few of us kept whining about it for quite a few years to no avail. The thing is if you have more windows open (ie. the 'More Windows' appears in the pull-down menu _and_ you have been working a while in this situation then one of the part becomes a culprit (as you click on its name it appears in a not fully extended window) and another part or assembly turns up as you click on a name in the list. As far as I can remember this problem popped up in SW 2001 first and it has been existing since. Apparently none of the developers keeps working in a _real_ production environment for such a time that he/she could see this problem - so the response from SW Corp is that 'we can't reproduce this problem' - and officially this problem does not exist...
            • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
              Kyle Koehler
              I am at 4MB and I have NEVER seen this except since SW2008 plus many other issues that all seem to relate to new features in 2008 (i.e. in this case thumbnails open next to the "opened" file name).
              • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                David Hales
                I saw it once in SW2007. Been on 2008 for a week now, and have seen it more than a handful of times, and on multiple users PC. Wish they could get rolling on fixing this problem.
                  • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                    André Bolager
                    I had the same problem earlier this week. Though I dont use the window function very much. I rather use Ctrl + Tab, while holding down Ctrl button (a list over open SW documents shows with pictures (using 2008)) and then press Tab to you get the right part/assembly, and release Ctrl. Or you can use your mouse to click the the part you want, instead of iterating with Tab.
                  • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                    Brian Park
                    I've been seing this since 2001. I tend to have 10 to 20 windows open for electronic assemblies, and gave up using the menu list altogether. Any time I want to see a component I use the 'tile horizontally' command to see all windows on screen and then select the window I need. In 2008, the speed of tiling the windows has dropped in half, so it would be nice if they'd FIX THIS once and for all.
                      • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                        Tim R
                        Why doesn't DS/SW fix problems like this in Service Packs? I am having this same problem on SW2k8 SP3??!! I had it in SW2k7 Sp1. It slows me down, it annoys me and it could probably cause file corruption. Why doesn't DS fix these obvious bugs?

                        Charles, I have never seen this in another application. This IS a Solidworks problem NOT a Windows problem.

                        Why doesn't SW list more individual files in the pull down Window menu, if it does happen when it switches to the "more windows" list?

                        Dale, I am also having the problem of a previously open part opening back up instead of the selected part/assembly/drawing.

                        Is there a work around or a way to avoid this from happening?

                          • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                            Richard Lock
                            Please see below relpy to smilar topic from another thread: (and it is not just related to SW but can also be seen in other applications)

                            Hi Zenjoe,

                            We have been able to reproduce and fix the problem where an incorrect file is opened when you go to the Windows menu and choose a file. This fix will be in SolidWorks 2008 SP04 pending passing QA testing. The problem relates to opening files that have references to other files (assemblies, drawings, parts with external references, etc.) and opening and closing/saving one or more of those referenced files. Since SolidWorks files reference other files, the software tries to keep track of what is open in memory vs. what is open in memory AND visible in its own window for the user. Obviously, this tracking was not perfect previously due to some Microsoft problems with hidden documents and in fact got a bit worse in SolidWorks 2008. With the changes we have made for SolidWorks 2008 SP04, we believe we now have the tracking such that it should behave properly (using some of our own checks to try to make sure it is correct). If you see any other cases of the behaviour once upgrading, please be sure to post/report them so we can investigate.

                            As for the problem of tiling windows and an incorrect window showing when you maximize one of those tiled windows, we have not been able to reproduce that problem, although it could be related to the same issue. If you have a reproducible case of that problem, please post the steps so we can investigate. If not, you can try SolidWorks 2008 SP04 to see if the problem is resolved along with the other fix.


                            Jim Wilkinson
                            Director of User Experience
                            SolidWorks Corporation
                        • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                          I have exactly the same problem in SW2008. My tech support company advised me to close the files and restart SolidWorks. By the way, how can I contact Jim Wilkinson to complain effectively about my unsatisfactory "User Experience"?


                            • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                              Jim Wilkinson

                              Jack Kellythorne wrote:


                              I have exactly the same problem in SW2008. My tech support company advised me to close the files and restart SolidWorks. By the way, how can I contact Jim Wilkinson to complain effectively about my unsatisfactory "User Experience"?

                              Hi Jack,

                              I'm here and as I stated in an earlier post in another thread (and was quoted here just above), we are aware of this problem and have a fix for SolidWorks 2008 SP04. I'm afraid we can do no better than that. The workaround for now is to use the Browse Open Documents (push and hold ctrl-tab) to switch between the open documents. As far as we are aware, there are no problems with the incorrect files coming up when you use that interface.

                              Sorry about the inconvenience,
                            • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                              I am having the same issue. I have been using SW since it first came out and 2008 is the first version that I have experienced this with. While it's not a show stopper it is definitely annoying.

                              I have been using the CTRL-TAB key combination to switch between open files and it works pretty well. I also discovered that by depressing "R" you can bring up a dialogue box titled "Recent Documents".
                              • Window>Open Documents is getting mixed up.
                                Wim Van Der Velden
                                I found this solution in the comp.cad.solidworks forum and this helps for me:


                                I think what you are seeing is due to your settings. Under Tools,
                                options, external references you will find a drop down arrow with some
                                choices. If you do not wish for this to happen you can set the "Load
                                referenced documents" to none. With it set this way solidworks will
                                not open documents that have references in the offending assemblies.

                                Edit: I still have sometimes the same problems when switching windows by using the menu. But with above option used it is less then before.