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Is it possible to give individual cores unique markers in Detailed Cabling?

Question asked by Mike Thomas on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Mike Thomas

Hi all,

I am new to Solidworks Electrical and am trying to use it to mimic the way we currently build our wiring harnesses.

Rather than buying multi-core cables, we build our harnesses out of individual single cores that are all the same colour, then we add unique markers at either end of the cable to identify it's function - a ground cable may have the marker 'GND' and a power feed may have the marker 'PWR' (see attachments 001 & 002)


For example, a very basic wiring harness that joins two 6-way female connectors (see attachment 003) :-

I have tried creating a cable with six cores but then I can't see anyway of adding markers to each of the cores at the Wiring Line Diagram stage (see attachment 004).

I have also tried adding 6 individual single core cables and changing the 'Mark' to my own marker, this sort of works but looks untidy in the Detailed Cabling screen (see attachment 005) and I'm not sure what would happen if a single cable splits and goes to three or more different circuits.

Does anyone have a crafty or better way of achieving this?


Many thanks,