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Does anybody know how or where to find Button IDs?

Question asked by Alex Madsen on May 3, 2016

Hey guys, I'm trying to write custom built in solidworks tutorials, and one function the current ones use is a function called FlashIt, where you click a button in the tutorial screen and it flashes up on the solidworks screen to show you where it is.  However, this function needs the variable input "ButtonID", which seems to be just a random typed in number from what I can see.


Is there some list somewhere of what button has what button ID? Or is there some way to find out?


The function in question:


function FlashIt(ButtonID)

  Dim pSldWorks

  Dim newButtonID

  Dim flashCommands


  newButtonID = ButtonID

  Set pSldWorks = CreateObject("SwHtmlControl.SwHtmlInterface.23")

  pSldWorks.Visible = TRUE

  flashCommands = "" + CStr(newButtonID) + ""

  pSldWorks.ShowBubbleTooltip newButtonID, flashCommands, 0, "", ""

End function