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Need new hardware. Laptop, desktop or both?

Question asked by Robert Pickeral on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Christian Kniat

Let me briefly explain our business.
In engineering that supports commercial aircraft on an almost hourly basis. I know desktop computers are capable of much more computing power. BUT we also need to be mobile. We sometimes have users travel to airports to support our work. Or we have other needs where we are not in the office and when we get the call, the work is needed almost immediately. If at home, driving into the office for some engineers is simply not a viable solution. We presently have laptops - some about 4 years old. And a couple of users have desktop computers - not engineers, but still support these immediate needs.


Our IT team would like to see us with all desktops, but our director is saying no no no - saying we must be able to support when out of the office. IT has also stated we could get some laptops for simple needs; then when needed, remote desktop to the desktop to perform Solidworks engineering type work. Would this work? Seems risky.


I'm looking for ideas about recommended hardware - either laptop or desktop. But please keep in mind the business case I've described above. Any suggestions?