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    Drawings with different languages and units

    Tim Turpin
      Needing suggestion for setting up files which differ by language and units but would like to use same part/file number.

      Issue: have multiple sites for production and would like to have drawing reflect the language and units of the particular site. If in US would like English Notes and Inch Units, if Mexico would like Spanish notes and Inch Units, if European would like Language of origin and Metric units, etc.

      Is it possible to have multiple files (different language and unit) stored under the same file number within PDMWE? Currently system is setup for Unique part numbers only. If so, any recommendations on how to handle this?

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Drawings with different languages and units
          Jeff Sweeney

          So you have one part, several drawing files...and you want eachdrawing file to have the same name? Sure, just ensure each file isin a different directory. Seems like you may want to have a controlon your drawing data card listing the language the file is madewith so your users can filter out all languages but the one theywant during searches.