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Instructions: how to copy settings via wizard on 2016 SP3

Discussion created by Ben D. on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Ben D.

Not sure what was the main problem, but "Copy settings wizard 2016" was doing absolutely nothing (win 8.1, SW2016 Sp3) - not copying any settings. I was trying to restore settings which were backed up via "Copy settings wizard 2015" with SP5. After playing a little bit I noticed, that on newly created Windows user, this Copy wizard works - with condition that the wizard is executed BEFORE the first launch of Solidworks in that newly created user account.


So I found the solution: you have to delete all user specific files and registry keys in your current account, and then execute wizard BEFORE launching the solidworks. In order to clean up current user, I followed instructions from Javelin tech manual (attached), and deleted everything (files and registry keys) which are referred to current user (nothing outside it - nor program files folder or anything else).


After deleting everything and restoring the settings -Solidworks launched just like for the first time - warning for changed menus, license agreement etc. Setting were copied.


HINT: do not miss the SRAC folder in registry - it won't work if you leave it


Hope this could be useful for somebody