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    SmartDimension tool giving incorrect values on drawing

    Kevin Quigley

      Since upgrading to 2016 I have come across this issue, and I feel it is something ina  preference somewhere that has changed. Take a look at this:


      Smart Dimension Issue - Kevin_Quigley's library


      I am applying a vertical dimension from the hole to the base of the part (it is L shaped, the bottom sticking out towards the viewer). The vertical dimension tool gives the correct value of 50mm.


      I now dow the same with the Smart Dimension tool. This time it results in 73mm.


      I suspect this is something to do with the Smart Dimension tool picking up on some projected point and dimensioning in 3D space, but this has already caused me to scrap a job as I missed the error (it wasn't as obvious as this one). The thing is I have used SW since 97 and pretty much always used the Smart Dimension tool for applying dimensions on drawing sheets with no issues. In SW 2016 this tool has become unreliable due to either a bug or some preference change (which I cannot find).


      Any ideas anyone?

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          Andy Sanders

          Wow.  This could be a MAJOR problem if drawings like this hit the shop floor.  As you clearly have found out.  OUCH


          We are still waiting on installing 2016 and things like this will continue to hold us back.


          I'll watch this space.

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            Arthur McRae

            On your template check that you have projected dim instead of true set as your default. I had the same issue, often resolved by making sure the "projected" dimension type is checked.

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                Kevin Quigley

                Thanks Arthur, 

                Yes that solves it on a per view basis but I have absolutely no idea how that changed as we have used the same templates for the last 6-7 years. Very curious!

                To test against the help for Projected Dimensions I imported the same part into a new drawing as  a saved view called "front". I projected a side, then projected a front view again. Using the Smart dimension tool on the "front" view gives the 74mm dimension. Using the smart dimension tool on the projected front view gives the projected dimension (50mm).


                Yet the SolidWorks Help for 2016 says this:



                So perhaps the default is for all SAVED VIEWS to come in as True type dimensions? If so this is really not clear (as in it is not listed at all). I am also sure this has changed in 2016 as we do this all the time - saving views and brining them into the drawing for dimensioning, and I don't recall this happening pre 2016. So bug or feature? Either way it needs highlighting in the Help system.


                Is there any way to set the default at System level to make all views show projected? That way we can set and forget.