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SP3 - Is it really worth it?

Question asked by James Pare on May 3, 2016

So far I am very disappointed with SP3

1st we have found more issues with edrawings


The new bugs found in the full SP3 are edrawings:

1 ) Load mark-ups into current design, marks-ups are not initially shown until you either save & close & fire mark-up tool

We are now we breaking more of the mark-up tools


2) Arrows & leaders being shown incorrectly in both 3D annotations & viewing 2D prints

What a mess this makes out of prints & 3D models


3) Measurement tool producing incorrect values after repeated use

Performing measurements correctly isn’t that important right?


Now we have found that we can no longer make 3D pdfs on files that worked in SP2?


What next?


Can anyone tell me something good about SP3 & try to sell me why I shouldn't roll back?