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    Change Screen Line Thickness?

    Marshall Wilson

      It appears that SW uses a default line thickness for each of the 8 line thickness pre-sets (Thin,Normal,Heavy etc). The screen displayed line thickness does not seem to relate to the line thicknesses I enter.


      PDF line thicknesses are no problem - SW accurately renders line thicknesses as I indicate on my drawing.


      Is there any way to change the SCREEN line thickness? So if I use .0039 in the "heavy" slot I don't see a super thick line while I work?


      thank you



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          Arthur McRae

          SW has a standard render state for each line thickness that doesn't change until you print/plot/save into pdf or other format.  SW states this as the case in the Document properties.  My suggestion would be to use "Thick(4)" if that's what you want.

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              Marshall Wilson

              Thanks for the reply Arthur. (though I am looking for .0039", not .039" .... )


              What i am really trying to do is to increase the depth of my line thickness options. So if 0.0098 is my "standard" part line thickness, then I could have 3 layers of thinner lines below that (.0079, .0039, .002) , instead of the single one SW defaults to.


              This is frustrating. Not the end of the world and for most people I suppose this isn't a big deal but I spend a LOT of time using the Drawing editor. We've had WYSIWYG for what - 30 years now? And the user does not have a say in displayed line thickness?