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Solid works 2014 performance issue in newer hardware

Question asked by Chandru Ganeson on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Chandru Ganeson

Hi, We recently upgraded our hardware for the two SW licences we had. While one was installed on a Dell Precision T1700 workstation, the other was a M3510 Mobile workstation. Earlier both used to run on laptops with gaming cards.


We are having performance issues with loading and display of SW files on the M3510 and the difference in performance when compared to the T1700 is quite significant and even lower than the performance on the earlier laptops. Performance is slightly better when the external graphics card is disable and run on the Integrated Intel graphics.


When contacted Dell, we are told that the Firepro W5130M on the M3510 is certified only for SW 2015 & 2016, while the T1700 has a Nvidia Quadro K620 which has SW 2014 in the certified list. and according to them this is the cause for the bad performance of SW 2014 on the M3510.


I checked out the other models in the Dell latest lineup mobile workstations and realize none of them have SW 2014 in their certified list.


My question is, Are my performance issues justified just because I am running a earlier version of the software? I find this very strange.

I think the FirePro as a Video card is as good as the Quadro K620 and the models we work on are not very complex at all. With that being the case, is it still possible to have SW 2014 performance improved on the mobile workstation?