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Should I get a Solidworks retailer to set up PDM Standard?

Question asked by Samuel Bailey on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by Marijn Van Den Heuvel

  I recently called up the Australian retailer for Solidworks (Intercad) about obtaining the Serial Number for PDM Standard, they informed me that I should be aware of what I'm doing because if I mess it up it'll cost a lot of money for them to come out and fix it. They asked if I've used SQL servers before and they wanted to make sure I know what I'm doing. I've never had anything to do with SQL servers, though I've managed to set one up and I'm half way to setting up the PDM Standard. So my question is, how could I screw it up? I know the purpose of PDM and have used it in another work place for a number of years (I believe it's called Enterprise PDM..?) - I just never set it up. Is there something I can mess up with the SQL server? There's a lot of forums on setting up a PDM and things to consider etc, but just wanted to know where I could go wrong. I'm the only Solidworks user at my company, we don't have loads of drawings, and when they need one printed they ask me to print it. No one accesses the current drawings/models except from me. All the drawings/models are stored on a Windows Server 2012 machine, also on a side note - I'm informed that it's best to set up the SQL server on the Windows Server 2012 machine - is this correct? I'm no expert on servers, I'd just like to use PDM Standard.


Intercad mentioned that they can drive (over 800 km) to come and set it up for us, but it'll cost $3000+. There's no way my work place would pay for that when what I've already made works just fine - it's just that a PDM system would be better. So I guess if there's a lot that I can mess up then I'd forgo using PDM Standard. What do you think?