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SW08: Linked Custom Properties w/BOM - What If I don't want them to change in the part?

Question asked by Andy Sanders on Dec 3, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2008 by Justin Peak
This concerns Solidworks 2008.

While I like the new linked properties in the BOM to the models, sometimes I don't want the link to be there.

We often need to change the display of the BOM entry to show "Charted" in the Part Number column. I don't want to change the part number in the model itself, just display "Charted" there. We then show a general table with charted part numbers on the drawing for that particular part.

In 07, all I had to do was change the BOM cell to "Charted", then I was all set. I knew my model was not changed and all was well.

Now with 08, if I do that, it prompts me that it will change the "User Specified" part number in the model. I don't want that!

Is there a way to manually override a specific cell in the BOM, so it won't be associative? I don't want something that is all or nothing, like if I want to break the link, it breaks ALL the links in the BOM. Just one at a time.

Is this possible? I searched the help and what's new, but all it talks about is the addition of the associativity.