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Microsoft Office files in PDM

Question asked by Thys Coetzee on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Thys Coetzee

I want to save MS Office files in the Vault using a serialized file name.


Imagine working on a project.  All the parts, assemblies and drawings are in a project folder in the Vault.  A supplier sends you a spreadsheet MOTOR.XLSX containing motor data and you want to put it in your project folder and have a workflow notify your engineers that the motor data supporting their models is now in the project area.  Then a second supplier sends you their bid on the motors...


  1. Incoming has your Excel file MOTORS .XLSX
  2. Drag and drop MOTORS.XLSX into the Vault\Projects\P12345\Documents folder (say)
  3. The file is saved using a serial number 452176.XLSX (say)
  4. The old file name is captured in a variable on the data card and the user can enter some supplier data
  5. The second spreadsheet, from the other supplier, comes in, dragged and dropped to become 452177.XLSX (serial increment from last file) etc etc


I can't find any information suggesting whether this is possible or impossible.  Thoughts on this process would be most welcome.