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    how do you customize SolidWorks commands?

    David Palacio Restrepo

      I need to customize some commands, to work fast.

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          Jeff Holliday

          I assume you're referring to customizing the user interface. One of the best methods is to use the "S" key dialog box which can be configured with commands you use all of the time. There are also "mouse gestures" which can help when you get used to them. Assigning keyboard shortcuts and using the already-provided SW shortcuts will help. Then there are macros which you can create and assign to the hotkeys.


          Searching the SW help files will give the info for how to use the above features.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Jeff gave good advice.  In case you don't know how to do those things, right click at the top of your monitor, beside your CommandManager, to get the drop-down with the list of toolbars.  Choose "Customize...", then go to the tab for Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures, etc. and customize as needed.