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Solution is too slow

Question asked by Dario Anzideo on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Dario Anzideo

Hi to everyone.

I’ve modelled an assembly with 7 parts. The frame is a multibody joined with combine command. The contact between flange and plate is bonded contact. The contact between flange and frame is no penetration (surface to surface) without friction. The contact between the four conic bushes is no penetration (surface to surface) with friction. There are four counterbore screws from plates through bushes. There are 3500000 DOFs in the model so the mesh is fine where the contacts are. I waited for the solution for about 48 hrs but nothing. I’ve done the same model without the “no penetration contacts” and I’ve got the solution in about 20 miuntes so I Know the problem is the contacts sets but I neeed to examinate what happend aorund the contacts. Why the solution is so long with that contacts? Is there a better set for my analysis?

If you have some question please aks.


Banco test occhioni - Rev03.JPG