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    Queue uploading very slow

    Peter Hildebrandt

      I would do two quick region render of a model which changes only a bit, so i can composing it later.

      Uploading to the queue took about 40min and 10min to build the job for one render!(Rendertime 20min)


      By the way:The displayed rendertime jumps between correct and finished.

        • Re: Queue uploading very slow
          Brian Hillner

          Hi Peter,


          I'd like to sort out this issue, since sending files to the Queue should take the same amount of time to "save" them...since that's what's happening on the backend. I did notice you have 2000+ parts, based on the number of items that need to be transferred to the Queue. Maybe lots of materials as well?


          Could you please do a test for me with this same file? Now that we know how long it takes to send to the Queue, can you please "Save As" to save a new file and tell me how long this new saving process takes? This will help us troubleshoot.