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Huge issues with MBD setup and Use

Question asked by Jason Lackey on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Oboe Wu

First off, I am a huge proponent of moving to MBD based on what I've seen in presentations, downloaded examples, and research.


However, after receiving a copy from my VAR, I can't get this setup at all.  I have attempted to adjust the provided templates, but unless I start a new one, I can not adjust the size of the boundary boxes to fit my company logo, so then I have to create my own from scratch.  This wouldn't be that big of a deal, except after creating table templates for adding them into the new pdf template, it crashes.  Secondly, without adding anything at all to the new template, and just printing to it, the entire thing is black except for the model view parts.  Hitting the back ground button opens a dialogue to find a new image for the background.  I don't want an image, I just want a white background.  The few resources I have found for creating a template have only showed how to make changes with the provided template.


Template creation aside, just printing into the standard templates is not proving much better.  When I print to the PDF, the feature control frame text is messed up.  When there is a hole count, the X is not an x, just a series of lines.  There is no period in from of the diameter value.  The M in the max material condition is larger than all of the text and overlaps the value to the left, it is not in the circle.  Dimensions that are not assigned to the view still show up.  I have been seeing sketch dimensions of weldment profiles.


In regards to weldments, the ability to have a cutlist as opposed to a BOM does not seem to be possible.  Is there a setting to make this possible.  About 80-90% of what we design is weldments, so if this is not possible, then the 3D pdf option is not possible for us.


There seems to be pretty much no real documentation for setting up or even using the MBD add-in at this point, which is very surprising that SWx would be behind pushing such a huge paradigm shift without providing any documentation to support it at all.  The help section is useless.  This is very frustrating and disappointing.


Also, there is supposedly a new STP format available that ill contain the PMI like the native file, but that option is not available.


Can someone point me to something that would be of actual help on setting up and effectively using this add-in, because at this point, regardless of what I have found in research, I am starting to believe that all of the presentations from companies that supposedly have switched to MBD have posted presentations they generated based on the promise of what MBD can do, and not actually having used it and then generating the reports afterwards.



Jason Lackey

SWx premium 2016 x64 edition

SP 3.0

Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1

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