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Simple Heat Sink/1 Watt Test

Question asked by Stephen Hanley on Dec 2, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2007 by Stephen Hanley
New to FloWorks, I am attempting to test a simple heat sink/ 1 wattsource model. I have a physical model so I can verify the COSMOSFloWorks results. I am using external analysis, have enabledgravity effects and are using standard materials from the database.(Aluminum) I specify a 1 watt volume source that is attached to theheat sink. The model results and the physical model results differgreatly. For example, checking the solid temperature (max) of theheat sink, the physical model temperature is 50F lower than theCOSMOS FloWorks temp. I have worked through the tutorials and theywork out O.K. - any suggestions/tips? . Thanks!