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    Default Value on Card Variables during a task

    Stephen Lapic

      I have a model with configurations and many of those configurations have their own drawings.  When a drawing is created it is given the name of the configuration.  We also have a separate card for our drawings.  On this card, for our number variable I set a default of $PRP:"SW-File Name".  This way the number on the card will be the same as the file name as well as the number in the title block.


      We also have a convert task that will run during a transition.  This task will create a pdf file of the drawing.  When the pdf is created it does have the correct file name (same as the drawing) but the number on the card states $PRP:"SW-File Name".


      Does anyone know what I have to do to actually get the correct value for number to appear on the pdf card?


      PDM Professional 2016 SP1