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Macro to open all sldprt, sldasm, and slddrw files in a named directory

Question asked by David Chiles on Apr 29, 2016
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Could someone help me write a macro to open all sldprt, sldasm, and slddrw files in a named directory? We are migrating from WorkGroup PDM to PDM Standard and have many files with the "+" (working copy) character in the revision of our files.  PDMS and our new revision scheme do not use this character and therefore can not be checked into our 'Released' workflow.  Being that these are 'Released' legacy files that we are migrating over, we've chosen to rollback the revision (instead of bumping forward) to remove any secondary revision.  i.e. A01 or B+ will go to A or B respectively.  In order to do this I've written a macro to change the Revision to include only Alphabetic and "-" (in our case this is the first Released revision).  In order to make these changes en masse I would like to run this macro on a designated folder that would only contain .sldprt, .sldasm, and .slddrw files (ultimately I would like to write the macro to skip all other type files but I'm taking baby steps).  I would either run the macro manually, or use the Task Manager or something.  Any help is appreciated.