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Structural members joining tubes

Question asked by Philip Antoniou on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your help, this forum has been one of the best I've seen anywhere in getting help.


I've been working on my spaceframe design. I first drew the frame as "line drawing" using a 3D sketch, and then used the "structural member" tool to create my tube members. The structural member tool nicely joins the tubes together into beautiful joints by notching/detailing the ends of each tube to fit each other. But if I create more tubes/structural members as separate features then it doesn't do this, the tubes just end with a straight cut.


You can see what I mean here, where the left image shows a notched tube. The tubes were created as one feature and Solidworks notched the ends. The right image shows a tube that I added later as a separate feature and now it's not details.



In the above drawings it's not a big issue, but other times the result is terrible, like here:


What's the easiest way of solving this? I only need to fix the terrible joints. I tried creating all my members of the spaceframe as a single feature, but that won't allow me to have tubes of differing profiles, so no good.