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Variable Amplitude fatigue - Assembly

Question asked by Egil Gustafson on Apr 29, 2016



I am trying to do a variable amplitude fatigue study, using two loads varying with 25 000 points each,


For the case when only having one part:  I can run two static analysis first and then use these for two seperate events in a randomvibration study, applying two seperate time history curves with 25 000points each. This simulation runs with out any problem.


For the case of having an assembly I try to do the same thing. Run two static analysis, use this in two seperate events and give them time history curves on 25000points. Here comes the problem. After running the simulation to about 80%, I get the message "Not enough  Valleys & Peaks on stress curve", and the simulation terminates.


Does any one know why this happends? Works fine for the case with one part and simillar stress levels, but not when doing the analysis on a assembly with several parts. Using the same time history curves for both the analysis with only one part and  the analysis using several parts.